The world shouldn't know your personal phone number.


Your phone number can expose your entire identity. It's tied to social media, subscriptions, and offers a glimpse into your personal life which scammers and other bad people can exploit. Yuzu helps protect your identity by acting as a proxy - and be the easiest second phone line ever.


Automated dialers let scammers and criminals call countless phone numbers in mere minutes. It's only getting worse, so we decided to offer caller blacklists. We even share a list of phone numbers Yuzu researchers believe may be malicious. You can block up to 10 million numbers.


As a fully functional second phone line, Yuzu puts a wall between you and untrusted callers without revealing your personal phone number. It's simple: use Yuzu for every instance where you don't completely trust someone with your phone number. They won't know the difference, but you will.

Important: Yuzu is is intended for consumers and should not be used for business purposes. Yuzu is not an anonymity tool and does not provide end-to-end encryption. For more information on how to secure your communications, read this carefully. Calls lasting longer than 3 continuous hours will be disconnected. You may not call premium numbers or make or receive international calls (United States and Canada only). Automated calling, mass dialing, spam, and abusive behavior is strictly prohibited.

Yuzu is built for simplicity. No app or smartphone required.

1. Subscribe

Become a Yuzu subscriber. We'll provision and deploy your proxy based on your specifications. Choose an area code and link your primary phone numbers with Yuzu.

2. Activate

Activate whenever you want to make an outbound call using your Yuzu proxy. No app required. Works with mobile phones and land lines regardless of device. It's that simple.

3. Make Calls

Once activated, Yuzu temporarily becomes your phone number - like using a VPN when you're on public WiFi. Any calls you make will be from your Yuzu proxy's phone number.

Calls to your Yuzu number can be forwarded or sent to a separate voicemail account.

Six ways Yuzu can make your life easier.


Choose which people know your primary phone number. Keep your personal phone number in your circle of trust and rest easy.


Great, someone bought your old exercise bike, but do you really want them to be able to call you even after you've completed your sale?

Social Media

People are nosey. Don't let them track you using social media and "recover your account" features that find accounts by phone number.


Miss a call from an unknown number and want to call back without risking being labled a "live" person and receive more calls? You're covered.


Some dates turn out to be a little weird. Sometimes it's a good idea to cut ties. You really don't want them calling your private number.


Yuzu can be used for call filtering, allowing you to block up to 10M phone numbers. We even share our own blacklist. It's updated twice weekly.

We've made membership renewal easy - we'll email an invoice. You can even .

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